(acrylic on 11' x 14' hard board)
Roots of tree are hard to trace. Dark section at the bottom is saying that root is vanishing in to untraceable depth.

Coming to technical side of this painting. Picture on this web page may be showing blobs of red but the physical painting is no way like that. Physical painting has many shades in the range of Yellow-Orange-Red. I have some 10-15 tubes of colors in warm color region. I mix these colors with medium to make them very transparent. Then I apply these colors in layers. Once everything is dry, viewer sees many colors, as the light passes through all these layers. This concept is called as 'visual mixing'. This painting has some 20 layers of different hues of colors. I believe the technology is unable to capture all the range of colours (I have calibrated camera(14-bit data) and my laptop(10-bit display).